Friday, September 27, 2013

Take a deep breath and chew on this

Fast Friday Five
1. Dont forget to breathe - Diaphragmatic breathing is the most overlooked performance piece in every single program. I guarantee this. We take 26 to 29000 breaths a day! By breathing correctly one can better improve the autonomic nervous system. Many of us are more sympathetic (excited/stressed) and the goal is to live in a parasympathetic (relaxed) state.  Breathing incorrectly is acidic to the body and leads to disturbed thoracic spine, cervical spine, scap, shoulder and intrinsic core function!! Take a look and listen:

2. Proving himself "Phenom"-enal - This Saturday, Sergio Pettis will be fighting James Porter in Milwaukee at 135 lb division. Sergio has been a blast to work the last three years because of his commitment, athleticism, attention to detail and last but not least his politeness (a dying quality in our young athletes). Serg is both a talent that whispers and also one that shouts. He possesses a genuine sense of humility to go with undeniable flash inside the cage.

"Training is not what you do when you've got where you're going. It is what gets you there" R. Ankeresen

3. 411 on MyFood- I am going to keep it 100 when it comes to what I chew on. I am an 80/20 or 90/10 kind of guy. I do believe in the power of food. I do believe the line "you are what you eat"and I can definitely attest to the idea that your body comp, performance and recovery is directly correlated to REAL, FROM THIS WORLD foods! Here are my go to foods choices in no specific order: spinach, broccoli, frozen "colored" peppers, very lean red meat, chicken sausage, eggs, berries, post-workout mint chocolate Clif Bars, and watered down homemade 1000 Island dressing. I cook with olive oil or coconut oil and I do enjoy a social Guinness regularly. I do the best I can. Best advice to you at home--crush the greens, get rid of the Robot Carbs (breads/yogurts/pastas/crackers/granola bars) and eat Human Carbs (veggies, fruit, potatoes, oats), get protein and healthy fat(avocado& almonds) in the morning...and lastly here is my take on bananas for all you athletes...Their like your college-girl Jersey Chasers--cheap & easy but in the end they are simple fruits and are really not all that good for you.

4. HamSCREAMS and Whats really hurt?- One of my mentors, Brad Arnett, was featured in a great write up on the hamstring issues that have plagued Wisconsin sports as of late.This great insight reminded me of a our industries new age thought in regards to aches and pains. Invariably our injuries are often a result of mechanical inefficiencies elsewhere...meaning what hurts right now is usually not the culprit. Look above, below, in front or behind to gain clues and remember x doesn't mark the spot in most cases. More to come next week.

5. Holy Ground - I often get to witness some of the greatest motivational speakers and lecturers at Elmbrook  Church in Brookfield, WI. Last Sunday, Mel Lawrenz blew wind into my sails and inspired many. He spoke of the verse, "I Am that I Am." The idea that God is everywhere and in everyone can be frightening or deeply enriching--that all depends on how you choose to live, act, and think. Mel's take away message was for us to mark everywhere we walked as HOLY GROUND.

Live what you believe out loud!    

Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Principles of Success to Live by

Fast Friday Five

1. Own Your Past- Where you are in life, in business, or on the sporting field is exactly where you are supposed to be because of the opportunities you seized, you let drift away, or you faulted on. Reflect whats got you to this point. Was it extra time spent or not put forth? Was it a risk you took or a missed opportunity? Maybe you are a small reflection of the people you choose to spend your TIME with. Know that you are not a victim or a result of circumstance; you are a product of the reACTION you chose toward your life "happenings". I've been cut from a team, been demoted after injury, had my heartbroken, judged others harshly, reacted sourly, "seen some shit" and its all led me to become BETTER for it.
-Your trail needs both green pastures and storm clouds alike for the most enjoyable view-

2. Set your compass to "True North" - Decide what you want and more importantly why you want it and always keep your foot on the pedal in moving on up towards your goal. If its a gigantic yacht, a starting role on the Wauwatosa Spartans football team or a front cover spot on "US" Weekly Mag... so be it. As long as you know why you want "it" you don't have to justify "it" to anyone but yourself. Once you figure out where you're headed, share your journey with those whom you can either carry with you or those who will keep you moving on up.  True North to me = congruence of thought, word, and action toward your very own "strongest" principles.

3. Act as If- When I was a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, my head was in the clouds. I found a fitness idol, Martin Rooney! He talked the talkwalked the walk, trained champions and motivated me to the nth degree! Seven or eight years later the guy still motivates me and inspires me. Only now I know a little more and more importantly have put that knowledge into ACTION. Start where you are and let what you're passionate about CONSUME you. If you want to be a "Fitness Coach/Freak/Expert/Motivational Guru" than be it. Eat your broccoli, sprint/jump/lift/sweat, research, and find what motivates you...than pass it on. It might start with you motivating a mirror or choking down that "cheesy broccoli crap"... but that's okay  START SOMEWHERE--WHERE EVER YOU ARE..NOW!
-Life is like an acceleration start; you have to extend and push yourself to get somewhere-

4. Learn from the best- Issac Newton once said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." I came to NX Level to learn from the best. I got advice from a guy who trained NFL athletes, watched a pro strongman demolish weight and than delicately teach a squat to a 12 year old girl, I watched my buddy establish himself as a coach and organize his way to a management position, and I listened to the articulate dissection and directions of a University professor/coach. Watch and learn and constantly  try and find better ways of doing things... In fact, I think it best to subscribe to the idea that You don't know what you know until you know what you don't know. Coaches need coaches too. Success patterns favor those who are "humble-hardworking-believers" that understand how to network and attest to the "WE not ME" mentality.

5.Quit Playing by the rules - In Luke 6:26, scripture speaks "woe unto you when all men speak well of you." Love it. Fact of the matter was, Jesus didn't stick to protocol... Pissed off a lot of people indeed. Identify with his boldness and "be" that verse a little more. If you stick to your guns, to your true north principals, and are all-in with what you believe; chances are you're going to piss someone off (someone right now is probably sour about me referencing scripture)..You don't have to break rules either--great phenomenons are often a result of curiosity. Imagine if back in 1934 Ken Sailors would've just kept tossing the ball from between his legs to the basketball hoop. The world would have never got to experience a Michael Jordan "fadeway"...and I know their would've never been a "Showtime" kick.
-Champions are born through curiosity, competition, and conviction-