Sunday, July 27, 2014

MMA S&C Chalk Talk/ W Fight Camp Conditioning

Anthony Pettis lat/posterior capsule stretch
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-Podcast Interview with Fight Camp Conditioning's and Innovative Results owner Corey Beasely
-Training Philosophy "Treat the MMA athlete like an athlete" "Mindset, Movement, Recovery"
-Progressions : General to specific
-Training Paradigm: Alignment, Soft Tissue Quality, Mobility, Core Stability, Movement Pattern Efficiency, Strength, Power, Speed, Aerobic/ Alactic Capacity
-Training Week Example : Monday (Power/ Upperbody) Wednesday (Pre-Hab, Movement Pattern Efficiency, Deceleration/C.O.D, Metabolics) Friday (Power/ Lower body / Strongman/ Alactic Power) Saturday Long Slow Distance
-MMA athletes move like basketball paint players; use tri-planar and rotational concepts from football, baseball, etc
-Quality, Injury Reduction , Refer Out "Maximize resources, training economy and live by the adage 'Do the best with what you have' "

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